Jinny Harman Villa Management

Villa Management

Welcome to Jinny Harman Villa Management

Jinny Harman has been managing properties for foreign and Portuguese property owners since 1985; over the years Jinny has built up a portfolio of around 80 properties.

The management office is located in central Praia da Luz with plenty of parking opposite.  With a permanent staff of two Jinny and her team are able to offer a full range of services and understand the importance of providing an efficient and reliable service.  The majority of the properties in their portfolio have been acquired via word of mouth.

Fatima has worked with Jinny for over 20 years and is responsible for all matters regarding staff and payment of services.  She is native of Lagos and has a cousin or friend working in all the important offices in town!

Gemma has worked with Jinny for 5 years and deals with the day to day bookings, providing for all the guests’ needs, trouble shooting problems that arise and is also a whizz with all matters to do with IT.

From 2016 we have also taken on board an additional member of staff, Ella, who does all our meet & greets and answers all guests questions to ensure their stay runs as smoothly as possible.

This leaves Jinny with all the rest!

Whilst the majority of villas are bought to rent, JHVM manage a number of properties solely for personal use.  They are able to assist you and your family in paying those tiresome utility bills, arranging to have the villa ready for your arrival, filling the fridge and overseeing all the other important details to ensure everything runs smoothly.  They are also on hand to look after any guests and ensure that they have everything they need at hand to enjoy their visit.  JHVM have built their reputation on professional and friendly service.